Thursday, March 30, 2006

Craziness, yo.

I know that the first rule of blogging is to make people want to come back, which is why I feel dreadful that anyone coming back to my undecorated corner of the universe hasn't been rewarded with new content.

Things have been crazy at Chez Madam. I recently received word that in two weeks I have to whisk off to do something which has pretty much been a life goal for as long as I could remember, and yet it's something I can only do once. So I'm sitting here thinking, "Geez. I am SO not ready for this." Trying to prepare for it is probably not helping much, but I suppose it gets me in the right frame of mind. Bottom line, though, is that it means I can't knit as much as I want to. Oh... wait... I suppose I could, really, but I'd have to take it more places. I suppose I'll have to mull that over.

Today's musing comes to you courtesy of the knitting_snark community on LJ. I didn't know it existed, but I thought, "Hey, it'd probably be a nice release from the junk in Knitting." I'm one of eight mods over there. I don't know why, since I've only been knitting for two years and still have a lot of questions I ask in there myself, but the others magically bestowed it upon me after I volunteered to write the "knitting on airplanes" entry for the memories.

Of course, I had to search through it to see if I'd been snarked in recent memory. Wouldn't you know, I had -- instantly recognizable without even linking because the poster points me out as a mod. (Not going to link it because it's locked.)

Eh... I had a longer entry here, but I edited it. I probably could have googled, you know, but Knitting's fricken huge and it's dreadfully difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff even by googling.

I guess my problem is that I'm in that awkward stage where the only thing that truly intimidates me are prices and care requirements. I'm prety sensitive when people snark about that; despite having a cushy government job, my name is not Wendy D. Johnson. Being on the larger end of average, the yarn for a "regular" sweater could easily cost me between $60 and $100, and because I want to keep it and show it off I have to be tremendously picky. That's the price of a couch in my world!

So having a place to ask questions is what I really need, since I can't go to the LYS every day. I just don't know how I could successfully ignore Knitting and still know I wasn't being an idiot when I asked something there. (Because, as we know, everything in the world can be solved by just f'ing googling it.)



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