Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh, my heavens.

Craziness, I know, to see me post two days in a row. But it MUST be shared.

My coworker has just informed me that apparently a lady she knows over at the Foundation (the arm of the university that manages our patents and donations and all of the money and crap) is, as her husband describes her, an "alpaca pimp." She farms out the "services" of her prize-winning alpaca Sebastian, and together they will be driving around across our great land this summer, as this woman brings him along in what she calls Sebastian's Love Wagon.

Hilarity ensued while discussing the situation with my pal.

bamp chicka wow wow

he is, apparently, also a Therapy Alpaca.
I have GOT to meet this guy.

well, he'll need therapy after tha... oh, wait, the opposite.

Oh, I'll bet he enjoys it QUITE a bit.

The tricky part is getting him to cuddle afterward.

he probably just wants to lick.


It was at that point that I found pictures... and lo, my afternoon was shot.

I may have to really work on my spinning.


At 10:52 AM, Blogger tchemgrrl said...

I know with sheep, they put dark chalk on the ram's chest, leave them all out there for a few days, and then check to see which of the ladies have that chalk on their back. :p

I have vet school friends. I hear stories.


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