Sunday, August 03, 2008

Most boring post evarr

I know I've been away, and this post will not be any more interesting than the complete lack of content that has been befallen the blog since April or whenever. Such is life.

Babies coming up:
Choir director's preemie girl -- here! (Saartje's Bootees and maybe the ribbed cardi or the Sweet Baby Cap in matching sock yarn?)
Cousin's girl -- October (can I make something for Wally too? In CA, must be lightweight -- maybe the bunny hat?)
Friend's girl -- October (also in CA - something monkey themed)
Coworker's adopted 1-year-old boy -- um... October?

Projects needing photos taken:
Ribbed baby cardigan
Wee doily
Mystery Stole (oy)
Vest yarn
Bunny hat


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