Monday, January 08, 2007


You may notice that the little Kiri bar on the side has gotten a little more blue. Just for faithful reader Brian, aka Quigsie (who doesn't even knit but likes to pull for me anyways), I have updated with my progress -- and what progress it is! I've made it pretty much all the way through the first ball. Of course something as mundane as joining the second ball (even in KSH, which involves basically knitting six stitches together and letting it fuzz to itself :P) will probably drag me under, but such is life. Maybe that's my goal for the evening: attach the second ball so I have no excuse, dumb as it may be.

When I told Brian that I'd updated my progress, he was tickled pink. "Sweet!" he replied. "I'm so happy for me... erm, I mean, you..." That's the kind of reader I like.

Oh, who am I kidding. I like everyone. (All ten of you.)

New projects
My pal Thorny hadn't seen each other in a while, and we ended up going to Sow's Ear yesterday. It was kind of an unexpected jaunt, since we'd planned to go to Lakeside, but since our schedules had changed a bit we decided to make the trek to a store that didn't close at 3. (The siren song of the Taste of India buffet took precedence.)

It ended up being a good jaunt for several reasons. First, I could pick up the self-published Hazel Carter Shetland Lace Knitting From Charts booklet I'd been meaning to get for Froggy.

(Side note: it occurs to me that I refer to a whole lot of pals with wacky names, mostly because a great deal of our communication takes place on the intarwebz. I suppose this is somehow cosmically related to my mom, who wished she had friends with wacky names like HER mother's pals Doppy and Mudge.)

I also happened to see that they had an ample supply of my mom's chosen color of 220 Superwash for the Bomber Jacket, so I snapped that right up. Hopefully I can get started on that pretty soon.

Sadly, my new needles are STILL not here, so I thought I'd pick up some 5s in another size... no such luck; they were out.

Finally, much hemming and hawing occurred on behalf of the lovely Lemur. See, I'm going up to visit in a couple weeks, so I thought I'd bring her some Blackberry Ridge, since she probably can't get it as easily up there. But their in-stock supply wasn't huge, and I couldn't picture the kind of stuff she liked to knit for herself, other than "stuff with Noro" and "screaming alien green." Although we see each other fairly frequently for being (stop me if you've heard this one) internet pals, and e-mail/IM/forumize on a regular basis, the funny thing is that I've rarely actually called her on the phone. Yet here I was with my cell phone and her number in the phone book (a remnant of the last road trip). I can only imagine how odd it must have seemed to receive a call out of the blue: "Uh, yeah, it's Mads and I'm at Sow's Ear; whatcha want?"

Update: she liked it. And who wouldn't? It was purty.